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Transportation Tanks for Live Fish
MFSE live haul fish transport tanks are expertly designed and durably constructed with  marine grade aluminum, and  used for the transportation of live fish like salmon, trout, and bait fish by the aquaculture and fish hatchery industry.  Our customers' favorite features include the MFSE exclusive externally operated discharge valve (no messy lift gates), and kamlock fittings.

Features include:

          Live Haul Tank Features

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Dual and Single Compartment Tanks

Each compartment has individual discharge va
overflow tubes, aerators, air intake vents, and
oxygen diffusers.
             Durable Hand Construction
          MFSE live haul tanks are individually built with
          complete quality control in every step of construction.

 Double Compartment Fish Transportation Tank
           Aluminum Tank Fabrication
Quality Construction
  • Seamless welding
  • Internal support structure
  • Marine grade 5052 aluminum
  • Double walled, fully insulated
        Quality Components
  • Externally operated discharge valve       with Kamlock fittings
  • Highest quality aerators
  • Stainless steel door latches and d-rings
  • Fused electrical system
  • Oxygen diffuser and flowmeter
  • Air intake vents with internal screens

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Custom Models and Sizes Available
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Trailer Mounted Fish Transportation Tanks

720 Gallon Fish Transportation Tank
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Research & Speciality Applications
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