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Live Haul Tank Features

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Fish Transportation Tank - External Discharge ValveDischarge Valve
Valve is operated from the ground - no need to climb up into the truck bed or trailer,
or to reach into the tank in cold weather. 

Standard tanks have front mounted discharge valves.  Custom multi-compartment tanks could have side-mounted valves.

Fish Transportation Tank - Oxygen Diffuser
Oxygen Diffuser
Stainless steel frame with soaker hose type tubing disperses fine
bubbles of oxygen from the bottom of the tank.

Can be removed and temporarily hung from the outside of the tank to
facilitate discharge.

Optional oxygen tank bracket can be mounted to the back of the tank.

Also available: ceramic ultrafine bubble diffuser

Fish Transportation Tank - Ceramic Ultrafine Bubble Diffuser
Fish Transportation Tank - Sloping Interior CompartmentsSloping Interior Compartments
Each compartment slopes from back to front, and from each side towards the discharge valve to allow complete drainage of water.  This is especially important in freezing weather.

Fish Transportation Tank - Aerator / Agitator

Standard tanks come with 1 to 4 propeller type aerators, each independently
operated and fused individually.  This allows the others to keep running if one aerator malfunctions.

High capacity aerators also available.

Fish Transportation Tank - Self Locking Supporting Door HingeSelf-locking Door Support
Braces the door open securely even in windy conditions

Optional Internal Aerator Guard
When a high-powered aerator is desired, tanks can be fitted
with a fine-mesh guard to prevent damage to smaller fish.

Internal Superstructure
Tanks are fully supported to withstand heavy loads.

Electrical Systems
Grounded, marine grade wire contained in waterproof conduit attaches to top of tank for connection to vehicle electrical supply.